From: Madeleine Blake


Ken, Geoff and I wish to take this opportunity to thank our Carroll County friends for the kindness and generosity which has been given us in these past few weeks (The Carroll County Sun, June 23).

The support we have received has raised our spirits wonderfully. Hopefully, our close friends, whom we have leaned on a lot recently, know how much we appreciate all they have done and are continuing to do forus, and we want our many unknown friends to know it, too.

The prayers and love that have come our way give us so much support.

Our parents are devastated by recent events in our lives. The distance and their rising years make them feel helpless, but others around us have more than made up any shortfall.

We feel part of a much larger family within the community, and of God. My parents in England insistI pass on their gratitude to "the wonderful people" who have reachedout to us.

Our house will be rebuilt in a few months and will be better than before. Ken's recovery may be a slower process, but already we see signs of improvement. His weaknesses are with short-term memory and word selection. He has good reason to be frustrated, but he rarely is.

Our present goal is to get him into an in-patient braininjury treatment center, where he will get intensive therapy. He wants to utilize whatever skills he can and get back to work.

To end,I will paraphase some of Ken's words: "I feel so much love and have so much love in my heart, but I can't always get the right words out to tell people how I feel."

May God bless everyone who has helped us.


From: Peggy T. Gordon


Thisis in regard to Jeff Griffith's "Dialogue," which appeared in the Sunday, July 7, edition of your Carroll County Sun.

If what Griffithwas trying to convey is that Carroll County citizens finally have a County Commissioner who is not only willing to "go to bat" for them but is also willing to re-enforce his actions with his signature, thenI must wholeheartedly agree with him.

If his "Dialogue" is merelyan exercise in "sour grapes," then perhaps he should be reminded that he, too, initiated many changes when he first became a commissioner-- even if those changes merely dealt with correcting punctuation and grammar.

If his purpose was merely to spur Tom Hickman on to greater action with regard to the extremely questionable "ordinances/rules/ regulation, etc.," which are being enforced, that, too, would be quite acceptable.

Otherwise, it would be a very nice gesture on the part of your newspaper to permit Griffith to rerun his "Dialogue" in plain, ordinary, everyday language so that we could all understand his exact point of view.

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