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Looking to make some extra cash?

How about saving a few bucks on that home remodeling project? Replacing your car battery? Save dollars there, too.

Sure, you know to recycle your glass and aluminum soda cans and even your plastic detergent bottles.

But did you know other household products can earn you extra cash?

The Sykesville Recycling Center, operated by Modern Junk and Salvage of Baltimore, takes just about any recyclable material, andpays for about half the items it accepts.

"One guy brought in a big load of copper," said Assistant Manager George Martin, who paid out $468 for recyclable materials in a three-hour period that night.

Of course, most of us aren't going to earn that much in a day -- it takes time to accumulate a load of metal, paper or whatever.

But note this list of items for which the center pays cash: high-grade paper, aluminum cans (5-pound minimum for purchase), non-ferrous metals (lead, copper, brass, stainless steel, aluminum), car batteries and radiators.

Some of the more unusual items that many people may not

think are recyclable but actually areworth cash include plumbing fittings and fixtures, copper wiring, car generators and alternators and air-conditioner compressors, Martin said.

On a recent Tuesday evening, business was steady as residents brought empty cans and bottles, along with other assorted materials, to the center.

Robert Whippo of Marriottsville took away $49 fora load of aluminum siding on behalf of his employer, Conrey Construction of Sykesville.

Ed Squillario of Eldersburg had 73 pounds of aluminum cans thatearned him $14.60.

"This center is closer than Pennsylvania when we visit my father-in-law," he noted. "Why store themwhen you can take them to a place like this?"

Charles and BarbaraAckermann of Eldersburg attended the center's grand opening in May to find out just what the center had to offer.

"My daughter's Brownie troop collects cans and had been driving to Westminster with them," Barbara Ackermann said. "This center is open Tuesdays, when they meet, and is a lot more convenient than taking the cans home."

The Ackermanns had 13 pounds of aluminum cans, worth $2.60.

"Prices vary according to the market," Martin noted. "Right now the aluminum market is depressed." He said it takes about 25 aluminum cans to make 1 pound.

Whether you are out to earn money or not with your recyclables, you can take other items to the center. The center is open to anyone, not just Sykesville-area residents.

The center also accepts used oil and anti-freeze, glass (all colors), aluminum pie tins and foil, tin food cans, bimetal cans and plastic containers.

The center collected newspapers until early in June when the market became so depressed that the company decided to remove its storage trailer because it was no longer profitable.

"We're trying to get something tostore newspapers so we can take them again," Martin said.

The center will give you a free box for your recyclables, plus a key chain, pencil or magnet as a reminder to recycle.

The center is open 6 to9 p.m. Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays and 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Saturdays. It is located on Sandosky Road behind the Town House.

Information: 795-6662.

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