Editor: Why a gardener on the May 26 cover ["Life in the Slow Lane"], days before Memorial Day? Your photographers never have appropriate covers. Many of us do want to honor all who sacrificed to make this country free. Shame on you!

Eileen M. Runge


Editor: "Life in the Slow Lane" [May 26], by [A. M.] Chaplin, was a beautiful piece of writing and reading that I am sure moistened many of The Sun's readers' eyes.

. . . more articles of Chaplin's nature are indicated and hopefull will appear again in your future Sun Magazine.

While not all of us can live the style [of] Chaplin's folks . . . we are nevertheless very envious of them. I wish there were more of them.

Frank Novak


Editor: Congratulations on the thought-provoking article in 5/26/91's magazine section -- ["Life in the Slow Lane"].

We recommend it to friends caught up in overbuying, overworking and finance charges on credit cards.

Robin Rasmussen Gaber



Editor: [Re: "Talk Radio," May 19] I have lived for long periods of time in several of our great cities, including New York, Boston, Atlanta and San Francisco. I was always an avid talk show fan -- until I landed in Baltimore. The first time I sampled this city's offerings, I simply could not believe my ears. Their sheer godawfulness (with reference to both hosts and callers) staggers the imagination. My only salvation has proved to be "The Tom Snyder Show," which, significantly, originates in California.

Dr. Ruth Roland



Editor: Enough of the "Politically Correct" and "Politically Incorrect." Bring on the Academically Accurate to develop programs for the study of multiculturalism in the United States.

A. M. Chaplin's article, "Big Trouble on Campus" (May 12), centers more on the administrators or "merchandisers" of ethnic or cultural studies than it does on the consistently good researchers of America's complex cultural diversity. . . .

Would you believe it is possible to visit many high school libraries in Maryland or elsewhere without finding a single card in the card catalog bearing the heading Slavic, despite the fact the Slavic language family is the largest in Europe and that Slavic Americans total about 30,000,000? How Eurocentric are the curriculum guides, anthologies and bibliographies when such blatant unevenness exists? . . .

Ms. Chaplin did not touch upon the important questions: Who has been keeping the scoreboard to check for the equal distribution of materials, time, personnel and finances for studies about all American ethic groups? How qualified are the supervisors and directors of programs of cultural studies? Are educators working scientifically with cultural organizations? . . .

Paul Fenchak



Editor: I am embarrassed to say that I was naive when asked for an interview about living in the city for an article in the Sun Magazine. On June 2, I discovered that I was featured in an article not about living in the city, but about "Living With Fear."

I had submitted to the interview in good faith only because it was presented as an opportunity to do something good for the city. I would not have agreed to an article about living with fear. I do not live in fear.

The article omitted all of my comments and observations about the enriching life one enjoys in the city, about how wonderful it is to live in Bolton Hill. It omitted my observation that crime is everywhere, not only in the city. I gave an example of the necessity for walls and guards' gates around all the new housing developments in Baltimore County. It did not report my philosophy that one cannot expect to live a good life anywhere by paying taxes only; one must support the arts, education and community agencies through financial contributions and/or volunteer hours.

I am a strong proponent of city living. Bolton Hill is a wonderful neighborhood wiht a diverse group of people. I have a much greater sense of community in Bolton Hill than I had living in various parts of suburbia. It is true that there are difficulties living in the city, but there are difficulties living in the world. It is also true that I am angry at the disregard for human life that I see, but this is certainly not restricted to the city.

Doreen Rosenthal


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