Singer Aleta Greene has kept busy since...


Singer Aleta Greene has kept busy since her years at the 0) Park Plaza

Although it's not in her repertoire, Aleta Greene has thought of adding the Stephen Sondheim favorite "I'm Still Here" to her show.

That's because since she began performing at Danny's restaurant, fans keep asking: Where have you been?

People may not have realized it, but the velvety-voiced singer who once wowed audiences at the now-closed Cafe Park Plaza has been working overtime, doing her club act and radio and TV jingles.

"I've never not worked," explains Ms. Greene, who's in her 30s and lives in Mount Winans.

If it's not a comeback, then, it's at least a comfort for many to know she can be found singing contemporary tunes Fridays and Saturdays at Danny's.

But modern music is not always what her devoted listeners are after. "They demand the songs I was singing," she says with a small sigh. "They want to hear 'Desperado.' " Most photographers dream of having shows in museums or spreads in magazines. Not Jennifer Bishop. Her greatest thrill came when she first saw her work in the gutter.

There was the City Paper near a curb, open to a page featuring one of her photos.

"There was just something so great about that," says the 34-year-old who lives in Charles Village.

Such is the sensibility of Jennifer Bishop, whose work is featured at the Knight Gomez Gallery in Otterbein. The world of hair salons, drive-in movies and family reunions comes to life through her lens.

She hopes to have other exhibits, but she's unconcerned about finding greater fame. "Mostly," she says, "I just want to keep on shooting."

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