* Will Clark was 1-for-23 against Philadelphia...


* Will Clark was 1-for-23 against Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Terry Mulholland when he homered off the former Giant on Thursday. "So, he's what, 2-for-24 now?" said Mulholland. "I can live with that."

* New York Yankees pitcher Tim Leary has asked the club to let him work out his problems in the bullpen instead of the minor leagues. But the Yankees don't feel that Leary and his 6.30 ERA will improve the makeup of the bullpen, which has been one of the pleasant surprises of 1991.

* The three former Orioles pitchers on the National League All-Star team -- Dennis Martinez, Pete Harnisch and Mike Morgan -- entered the break with a combined 26-15 record and a 2.24 ERA. By comparison, the six current Orioles starters (including disabled Dave Johnson) arrived at the halfway mark with a 21-26 record and a 5.19 ERA.

* Cardinals OF Felix Jose has been having trouble getting a green card to move freely between the U.S. and his native Dominican Republic, so he went right to the top for help. He approached White House chief of staff John Sununu while the presidential entourage was greeting the players at the All-Star Game. Sununu, who knows all about travel restrictions, was sympathetic and told Jose to drop him a note at the White House.

* Giants rookie Tony Perezchica, who postponed his wedding to accept a promotion to the major leagues, finally exchanged vows with Rhonda Foster on Monday. "It went by real quick, which is the way I liked it," Perezchica said. "I just got up, said, 'I do,' and got out of there." He's obviously a sentimental kind of guy.

* When Dave Stewart defeated the Baltimore Orioles on Thursday, he became only the third pitcher to win 100 games for the Oakland A's. He's in some fine company, joining Catfish Hunter (131) and Vida Blue (124).

* Prior to Andre Dawson's All-Star home run, the National League had gone 223 at-bats without an All-Star home run.

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