Around the house* Use less energy. When...


Around the house

* Use less energy. When cooking on the stove, use small pans on small elements and larger pans on large ones. Try to use flat-bottom cookware. Pots and pans with straight sides and tight-fitting lids allow energy to remain and you can use lower heat settings.

* Keep baby bottles from falling over in refrigerator. Fill a six-pack soda carton with a day's supply of prepared bottles.

* Spray insects with water. This will immobilize a bug's wings, making it easier to swat.

* Hang draperies or blinds over sunny windows to keep out damaging rays of the sun. A covered window will block the heat and help keep the house cooler. Remember to rotate draperies periodically to avoid damage to fabric.

* Launder towels frequently. Rinse thoroughly because soap and detergent may weaken fibers. Avoid using fabric softeners regularly because they will reduce absorbency.

* Too much noise from your food processor? A thick pad of rubber purchased at a stationery store will absorb some of the sound when placed under the appliance.

In the garden

* Clean garden tools and keep them rust-free. A mixture of 1 quart motor oil to 40 pounds of sand can be stored in a tub in your garage or basement. Plunge tools into the mixture a few times after each use.

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