Newspaper's report on speech faulted


BOSTON -- Conjuring up something of an ethical house o mirrors in the world of journalism, the New York Times published an "Editors' Note" Thursday acknowledging that material in a recent article on plagiarism had been borrowed with insufficient attribution from the Boston Globe.

An article published in the Times July 3 concerning plagiarism charges against H. Joachim Maitre, dean of the College of Communication at Boston University, should have noted "that the quotations it cited from Mr. Maitre's speech were taken from the Globe article," said the note, which ran on Page 3.

In addition, according to the note, "The Times article included a ,, passage of five paragraphs that closely resembled five paragraphs in the Globe article. . .

"Although the Times article also reflected independent investigation of the controversy and interviews by the Times reporter, it was in this instance improperly dependent on the Globe account," the Editors' Note concluded.

The Times article was written by Fox Butterfield, the newspaper's Boston correspondent and bureau chief. Mr. Butterfield was said to be traveling and was unavailable for comment.

Times spokeswoman Nancy Nielsen, asked whether Mr. Butterfield had been reprimanded, or would be, beyond publication of the Editors' Note, said: "That's under consideration right now, but I don't want it to sound more ominous than it is."

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