2 men arrested in rape,robbery Police credit tips for quick capture of Baltimore Co. men.


Two Baltimore County men today were ordered held without bail on charges of kidnapping a teller of an Overlea bank, robbing the bank and raping one of the teller's daughters.

The men, both unemployed and one the father of two small children, were arrested within minutes of each other last night by police and FBI agents after nearly 150 phone calls came in about possible suspects.

Ricky Andrew Bailey, 29, of the 1900 block of Halsmere Road in the West Inverness section of Dundalk, and David Wayne Hall, 29, of the 7800 block of Oakdale Ave. in the Chesaco Park section of Rosedale, were charged with rape, three counts of kidnapping, two counts of bank robbery, burglary and using a handgun in commission of a felony.

Bailey, according to court officials at today's bail review hearing in Towson District Court, is currently on parole from a 1986 conviction for two burglaries. He was paroled in March 1990, but was convicted on traffic charges in March 1991 and parole officials are seeking to return him to jail on that basis, Judge A. Gordon Boone Jr. was told today.

Previously, Bailey, who has shoulder-length brown hair and appeared in court shirtless, was convicted in Vermont of housebreaking in 1980, and assault in 1981 and escaped jail there briefly in 1981, said Assistant States Attorney Scott Shellenberger.

Hall was convicted in 1987 of illegal possession of a handgun, in 1983 of distributing controlled, dangerous substances and theft in Ocean City and in 1981 of burglary. Short and stocky, the blond-haired Hall told Judge Boone, "I'd like to get out on bail or work release. I don't come from a poor family."

Boone denied bail on both men.

The robbery netted about $4,399 in cash and $14,350 in travelers checks, according to court documents.

County police spokesman E. Jay Miller credited the phone calls and other tips with giving police enough information to use to stake out the suspects' homes and to get arrest warrants.

Miller said Bailey was pulled over by officers and arrested at 7 p.m. as he was about to ride a bicycle in front of his home.

At 7:15 p.m., Hall drove up to his home in a 1982 Ford pickup truck but sped off when he saw officers.

Several blocks away, near U.S. 40 and the Beltway, police and FBI agents stopped the truck and arrested Hall without incident.

His wife and their children, a 3-year-old boy and an 18-month-old girl, were in the truck.

Around midnight, Bailey and Hall appeared separately before District Court Commissioner Eugene Marshall, who ordered them held without bail for today's hearing.

Miller said evidence linking the suspects to the bank robbery was found in Hall's truck, but the gun and knife used to terrorize the teller and her two daughters at their home Monday night and Tuesday morning had not been found.

Miller credited the composite drawings of the suspects with being instrumental with the arrests.

The composites, drawn by Howard County Police Sgt. Carl Layman, were taken from information provided by the three victims.

Shortly after the story broke, the police began receiving phone calls and tips about suspects. Miller said the public response was the most he has seen in any recent case.

The arrests came less than three days after two men, one armed with a knife and the other a silver-plated small-caliber revolver, entered the Overlea home of a teller who works at the Sequoia Federal Savings bank, in the 8000 block of Belair Road, and held her and a 16-year-old daughter at bay.

A 20-year-old daughter arrived home a half-hour later and all three were tied up and gagged.

After robbing the three of money and jewelry, both men entered a room and raped the older daughter.

Before dawn, the men forced the three females into the teller's car and drove around the Beltway to Woodlawn and back through the northern county for about two hours. Around 7 a.m., they forced the teller to drive to a fast-food restaurant two blocks from the bank, where one man got out and stayed with the daughters on the parking lot while the mother and the second man drove to the bank.

The mother entered the bank with a key and brought out a bag of coins and two trays containing $4,499 in cash and more than $14,000 in Travelers Checks.

The man and the teller drove back to the restaurant. From there, the men were driven by the mother down Belair Road, where they left the car near Fullerton Avenue.

The mother and daughters returned to the bank and called police.

From the conversation the men had with the victims during eight hours of being held hostage, police said, it appeared the men had kept the mother under surveillance and knew she worked at the bank.

The men spoke freely of themselves in the Overlea home and that information was useful in the investigation, Miller said.

The spokesman said police now are certain the men had been watching the bank for some time after they received information yesterday that a bank teller saw the two men standing next to a Ford pickup truck last month, looking around, though nothing seemed wrong with the truck.

Miller said the woman jotted down the license number but when nothing happened at the bank she tossed the note with the number among some other papers.

After hearing about last night's arrests, the woman retrieved the paper. On it, Miller said, was Maryland license number 971724, the tag number of Hall's pickup truck.

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