Boots and cowboy hats are fitting at Silverado


Hi, ho, Silverado!

If your cowboy boots are itching to kick up some country-and-western steps, Silverado has got a dance floor large enough to accommodate a barnful of dancers and their pardners. You'll fit in wearing jeans and a T-shirt here, although some of the gents cut a striking profile in black cowboy hats and a few of the gals are dolled up as Dolly Parton wannabes.

Considering that radio station ratings and concert attendance figures prove Baltimore has a real C&W; crowd, there are surprisingly few places like Silverado that feature bands touring on the Nashville circuit. National acts and the occasional local band twang up a storm here six nights a week, with this Southeast Baltimore nightclub resting only on the Sabbath. Playing tonight and Saturday is a local band named Wretched Outcasts.

For those of us whose country music enthusiasm doesn't extend much beyond a cult devotion to Patsy Cline, a glance at the band photos mounted in the bar lobby serves as a reminder of just how populous the Nashville music empire is. And who could walk away from all those publicity stills without remembering a band name like Ethel and the Shameless Hussies?

Perhaps even more exotic than Silverado's music, though, is its location in the Baltimore Port Truck Plaza. This is an all-in-one pit stop for truckers who can rest up here along with their massive vehicles. If trucker culture is foreign to you, then have a gander at the hotel bulletin board, which serves as a community hitching post.

Although truckers taking a break from their long hauls surely appreciate having Silverado right next to their hotel rooms, most of the dance crowd is comprised of just plain folks from around town.

Besides the allure of big-time bands, the hometown crowd pulls in for a light snack and beer that most seem to prefer by the pitcher. Tuesday is ladies night, with discounted drinks, and Thursday is draft night, with 75 cents all it takes to fill your mug.


Where: 5501 O'Donnell St., Baltimore Port Truck Plaza.

Hours: 3 p.m. to 2 a.m. Monday to Friday, noon to 2 a.m. Saturday, closed Sunday.

Menu: Light fare menu of sandwiches, pizza, nachos.

Credit cards: AE, MC, V.

Call: 633-4611.

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