Baltimore Co. plans to build 2 schools, reopen 2 others


Baltimore County school administrators projected last night that they would need $19.3 million to build two elementary schools, reopen an elementary school and a middle school and improve four other schools.

Already available to the administrators is $18.8 million left from 1990's $39.9 million bond issue.

"Building now is important, but it is also important to preserve what we have," said James E. Kraft, planner for the school system.

The two new schools -- one in Jacksonville that would open in September 1994 and one in Mays Chapel that would open in September 1995 -- would be expected to relieve crowding at Sparks, Warren, Carroll Manor, Pot Spring and Pinewood elementary schools.

Lutherville Elementary, closed because of low enrollment in 1983, would reopen in September 1992 to relieve crowding at Hampton, Lutherville/Timonium, Riderwood and Rodgers Forge elementary schools.

Sudbrook Middle School, which was closed in 1981, also would reopen in September 1992.

About 87,000 students attend county schools; another 4,000 are due next year.

A public hearing on the school administration's fiscal 1993 capital budget and five-year capital program is scheduled for Aug. 15, and the school board will vote on it in September. The county executive will review the budget and submit it to the County Council in April.

Administrators are asking for $5.8 million in state funds for improvements at certain schools. If the school board approves that request, it will be submitted to the state Interagency Committee on Public School Construction in October.

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