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Rowhouse near Schaefer's home raided 1 man arrested, 2 sought in raid that yielded $70,000 in drugs, handguns.


Narcotics officers assigned to the Southwestern District's drug enforcement unit last night raided a rowhouse across the alley from Gov. William Donald Schaefer's home.

The officers arrested one man and seized nearly $70,000 worth of drugs, two handguns and thousands of plastic vials used to package cocaine.

The arrest of Kevin Pinkney, 30, a resident of the raided house in the 600 block of Linnard St., came after a search and seizure warrant was obtained by Officer Eddie Wilson, who developed information that led to the raid on the dwelling, described by police as a stash-cutting house.

Two other men, including a relative of Pinkney's, are being sought in connection with the raid.

Pinkney's house is directly behind the 600 block of Edgewood St. and opposite the rear of the Edgewood Street rowhouse where Schaefer lived as a youth and continued to live as Baltimore mayor and the Maryland governor. As a security measure, city police officers made random checks on the governor's home.

Sgt. J.C. Smith, head of the district narcotics squad, said a safe found in the basement of the Linnard Street home was forced open with a maul. Smith said the safe contained 437 vials of cocaine valued at $8,500; two bundles of pure heroin weighing 2 ounces with a street value of at least $60,000; and seven plastic bags of cocaine valued at more than $100 total.

Also recovered were a Colt .32 semi-automatic handgun and a Rossi .38-caliber revolver. Smith said both weapons were fully loaded and that the revolver was reported stolen in Baltimore County.

Smith said thousands of plastic vials used to package cocaine also were found in the house, along with scales, razor blades and other drug paraphernalia.

He said Pinkney, whose mother was home when police entered the house, was charged with multiple counts of possessing cocaine and heroin, possession of firearms while trafficking in a crime and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Pinkney's mother was not charged, Smith said.

Besides Smith and Wilson, four other officers assigned to the unit participated in the raid.

Smith said Pinkney was held overnight in the District lockup pending a bail review hearing before a District Court commissioner.

He said the arrest came after his squad received information from citizen groups complaining that drugs were being stored and processed inside the house.

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