Charles Village wins one and loses one Publisher moving in, Chaimson departing


Baltimore's Charles Village area will lose one major employer but gain another as the result of two recent real estate transactions.

There has been a string of closures or departures of businesses from the Charles Village area, including the closing of the south campus of Homewood Hospital Center and the move to Baltimore County of the asphalt paving and highway construction firm of Ratrie Robbins & Schweizer.

Yesterday, Chaimson Brokerage Co. Inc., a food brokerage that is active in Maryland, Virginia and Washington and employs about 140 people, announced that it will move about Nov. 1 from its headquarters at 2521 N. Charles St. to a building its chairman purchased Tuesday in the Sieling Business Park in Columbia.

But the Johns Hopkins University Press plans to move into the Charles Village area within the next two years -- a bit of good news for the community. The press is a department of Johns Hopkins University that employs 105 people.

On June 28, Hopkins acquired the original home of SS. Philip and James Roman Catholic Church at 2715 N. Charles St. Hopkins plans to convert the building to a permanent home for the press, which now leases space inside the Maryland Casualty Co. headquarters at Keswick Road and W. 40th St.

Hopkins Press Director Jack G. Goellner said the five-level, 25,000-square-foot building needs extensive renovations before employees can move in, most likely in 1993.

Founded in 1878, the non-profit press publishes 150 to 160 books and 40 scholarly journals yearly. It moved off Hopkins' Homewood campus when academic departments expanded in the 1960s, but acquisition of the former church "gets them pretty close" to campus, said Robert Schuerholz, executive director of facilities management for Hopkins.

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