From: Carol Vikery

Glen Burnie

and Linda Gruner


Were Bob Grimm and Bart Rader relieved of their athletic duties because the math scores were low at Northeast High School? Bob Grimm is a social studies teacher. Bart Rader is an English teacher. What do these athletic leaders have to do with math scores?

Maybe Dr. Carducci, the new principal, needs to leave the athletic department alone and concentrate on a higher caliberof Northeast High math courses.


From: Karen Goldman Lyon

Executive director

Sexual Assault Crisis Center

The Anne Arundel County Sexual Assault Crisis Center's response tothe Hart rape trial is a simple one: It was her character that was on trial, not his actions.

The levels of violation in this case rundeep and leave a wide scar: the debased defense tactics, the decisions of admissibility from the bench, as well as the questionable balance between defendant's and victim's rights. Allegations were reportedin the Capital as truths and expanded with meaningless filler. It was society page reporting, stacked with nuance and innuendo.

There is no other crime where the victim is so blamed. Indeed, the person who is raped is put on trial for breaking the silence. If you dare talk about all of this as if it is real, you are more likely to be punished than heard.

In this case, a woman was criticized for going to therapy; not going to therapy; taking medication; not taking medication; exhibiting depression; not exhibiting depression; remembering details; not remembering details. She was held up to ridicule for daringto say the words: I was raped.

A very courageous woman stood her ground to tell a familiar and all too frequently disbelieved story ofsexual violence. Perhaps the real victory here is that she was not silenced.

If only the price were not so great.


From: Joanna Tisdale

Woods Memorial Presbyterian Church

Iam writing to you on behalf of the Woods Memorial Presbyterian Church about an annual mission project taken by the youth and youth advisers of our church. Working with Habitat for Humanity, Woodswork, the name of our mission project, plans to build two houses for the needy, free of labor expenses. We will be in Baldwin, Mich., from July 4 through July 14, 1991.

Projects like these have taken place since thesummer of 1985. It started with a small group of about 100. We have been all over the country, to states such as Virginia, South Carolinaand New York and Kentucky.

The friends and memories made are those that will last forever.

If there are any questions about currentor past projects, do not hesitate to call Woods at 647-2550.

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