Patriots waive goodbye to Mowatt


BOSTON -- The New England Patriots yesterday waived tight end Zeke Mowatt, nearly 10 months after he was implicated in the sexual harassment of former Boston Herald reporter Lisa Olson.

Mowatt, 30, was dropped two days before the start of rookie training camp. He was paid $400,000 last season, when he was " acquired from the New York Giants as a Plan B free agent. He collected on much of this year's contract through conditioning incentive bonuses.

Another team can now sign Mowatt without compensating the Patriots.

PD "It didn't seem he was happy with the football team," coach Dick

MacPherson said, "and we wanted him to have an opportunity elsewhere. It didn't seem that he wanted to be around here. He wasn't a happy camper.

"We as an organization or coaching staff tried to be as objective as we could be to see where he was coming from."

Efforts to reach Mowatt were unsuccessful.

Mowatt had been fined $14,500 after he taunted Olson during an interview in the Patriots' locker room after a Sept. 17 practice. Former Patriots fullback Robert Perryman and receiver Michael Timpson were fined $5,000. Mowatt, Perryman, Timpson, team owner Victor Kiam, former general manager Patrick Sullivan and former media relations director Jimmy Oldham have been sued by Olson.

"This doesn't change things much," said Norman Zalkind, Olson's attorney. "He's still a defendant whether he's a Patriot or a former Patriot."

"It's their decision," Herald sports editor Bob Sales said. "I assume it's a football decision."

Mowatt became increasingly isolated from many of his teammates after being implicated in the incident.

MacPherson said the evaluation was made without regard to Mowatt's off-field difficulties.

"The situation was never brought up in the terms of the decision-making process," MacPherson said. "We didn't ask how played in Peoria."

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