Fashion lunch bunch makes a date


NEW YORK- A glittery gang of about 30 fashion designers, editors and retailers got together over lunch Monday and, amazingly, agreed on something.

The lunch at the Hotel Macklowe was arranged by the Council of Fashion Designers of America to explore ideas for a central showplace to hold New York's seasonal fashion shows. Historically, the showings have been chaotic affairs, with models, buyers and journalists --ing from one rickety showroom to another, if a falling ceiling did not get them.

Monday, designers decided they would support a central location. And the Macklowe seems to be it. Among those who said they would probably hold their shows there or in the adjacent Hudson Theater: Randolph Duke, Michael Kors, Bob Mackie, Mary McFadden and Rebecca Moses.

No one could figure out another exasperating issue: the models. Since everyone wants the same ones, their fees have gone to the moon.

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