Dinah and Bert are together again



* OK, admit it, this one is probably irresistible: Premiering on basic cable's Nashville Network tonight (at 8, with a repeat at 11) is "Dinah Shore: A Special Conversation With Burt Reynolds."

Even most non-readers of the supermarket tabloids will recall that early television's "see the U.S.A. . . ." singer Shore and original hunk Reynolds (now married to actress Loni Anderson) had a much celebrated private relationship -- and subsequent split -- some years back.

* Speaking of durable TV figures, Roddy McDowall's almost-camp presence is the only thing that makes the latest world premiere movie on the USA cable network moderately watchable.

"Deadly Game" debuts at 9 tonight, but it is basically yet another reworking of Agatha Christie's "Ten Little Indians" (from the original story "And Then There Were None"). You know: Seemingly unrelated strangers are gathered together in an isolated locale by a mysterious host, then are methodically killed, one by one, for motives springing from their pasts.

In this case the place is a Pacific Northwest island, the time is modern enough to use Vietnam flashbacks (and cliches), and the mode of killing is a brutal wilderness hunt that you don't believe for one moment.

But as usual, one-time child film star McDowall (who won an Emmy back in 1960 for an "Our American Heritage" special) manages to bring some interest to his role amid a wooden cast that includes Marc Singer, Michael Beck and Jenny Seagrove.

* Although canceled by CBS, "The Hogan Family" is briefly back tonight (at 8, Channel 11) with a fresh episode postponed from an earlier date.

* It's a particularly arresting double-feature of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" which WBFF-Channel 45 has scheduled tonight. The repeat episodes show why the syndicated series, which this season reached the 100-episode plateau (well beyond its 1966-69 predecessor), is among the best dramatic shows on the air.

At 8, Commander Riker (Jonathan Frakes) goes aboard a Klingon warship in an officer-exchange program and must adapt to the alien culture -- and diet. And at 9, Geordie (LeVar Burton) is the focus of a captivating episode in which the Enterprise must become midwife to a new life form. (Trekkies take note: It is more than a little like "Devil In the Dark," the fondly remembered Horta episode of the original series.)

* The Showtime premium cable network premieres tonight a fourth edition of its intriguing "30-Minute Movie" series, in which new directors offer short films. The trilogy can be seen at 9 o'clock, and the films include "Missing Parents," "The Letters from Moab" and "Once in a Blue Moon."

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