Sports bar plans to serve up fight card


From rock and roll, to wrestling to boxing.

That is the entertainment picture envisioned by Steeltown director Larry Milburn, who is planning to stage his first fight card at the North Point Boulevard sports bar Aug. 27.

Steeltown hopes to become a suitable replacement for small fight shows in Baltimore after the loss of Painters Mill Theater, which was gutted by a set fire in March.

"We plan on holding at least eight fights a year on Monday nights," said Milburn, a Baltimore native. "By re-arranging our main room to include a ring, we can seat approximately 650 to 700 people."

The fight cards would be patterned after those held at LaFontaine Bleu in Glen Burnie, with the price of a ticket -- $30 to $35 -- including a dinner buffet. Max Kisner, who promoted the Glen Burnie shows, likely will serve as the matchmaker for Steeltown.

Since opening in May, Steeltown, located in the North Point Plaza shopping center, has mainly showcased rock-and-roll bands and comedy acts. But Milburn staged a professional wrestling show on June 30 as his first sports event.

"We want to attract different age groups by widening our entertainment spectrum," Milburn said. "Right now, I figure our main boxing support will come from Eastern Baltimore, Glen Burnie and the Pikesville area.

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