Candidate jailed in 'Fatal Attraction' case


A Republican candidate for Baltimore City Council president is in City Jail awaiting sentencing after being convicted in what zTC courthouse employees have dubbed "The Fatal Attraction Case."

Roxcelanna D. Redmond, 40, was convicted June 19 of assaulting a former boyfriend and harassing him with letters and telephone calls after he broke up with her and began seeing another woman.

"She is out of control," said complainant Jesse McDade, a professor at Morgan State University, in a court document. "She is angry and dangerous. She calls my home at least 10 times a day. I live in constant fear and danger."

Ms. Redmond, a resident of the 1400 block of Decker Street in East Baltimore, ran unsuccessfully in 1987 as a Democrat for a seat on the City Council from the 2nd District.

Her attorney, Susan R. Green, said Ms. Redmond has been a volunteer on various community projects and that the attorney's office receives at least half a dozen calls a day from people who are concerned about Ms. Redmond's welfare.

"She has been involved in a relationship from which these charges arise," the attorney said. "With the exception of this relationship, [Ms. Redmond] has lived a productive life in the community. She has contributed a great deal to the community and should be commended."

But her relationship with Mr. McDade -- which courthouse employees likened to that in the movie "Fatal Attraction" -- was destructive, Ms. Green said.

Mr. McDade said the trouble began in the spring of 1989 with harassing notes and telephone calls.

Later that year, Ms. Redmond was hospitalized with cuts on her wrist. According to court records, she also was convicted of malicious destruction for smashing a window in Mr. McDade's door.

In March 1990, Ms. Redmond assaulted Mr. McDade at a public clinic. He filed a formal complaint against her a month later, saying he could no longer tolerate the threats Ms. Redmond had made on his life.

"She said she was going to kill me," Mr. McDade wrote in the complaint. "Or she said others would do it if she decided not to.

"She will come to my home or my office or anywhere that she knows where to find me."

While Ms. Redmond awaits sentencing -- she could get up to 20 years in prison on the assault charges alone -- she has filed a motion for a new trial, Ms. Green said.

David Blumberg, head of the city's Republican Party, said Ms. Redmond spoke to him in late April and told him she had become a Republican and filed for the council presidency but that he had not heard from her since.

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