GM, workers move no closer to ending strike Walkout continues into third week


Talks yesterday between General Motors Corp. and striking workers at its Baltimore minivan assembly plant brought the two sides no closer to ending a three-week walkout, negotiators said.

"We met in two different sessions," said Terry Youngerman, personnel director at the factory on Broening Highway. Both parties "really rehashed the relative positions and feelings" regarding the remaining issues on the table, he said.

Rodney Trump, president of Local 239 of the United Auto Workers union, which represents the plant's 3,200 striking workers, said that he saw nothing at yesterday's negotiating session that would prompt him to believe the strike might be settled soon.

"We didn't have much progress, but what we did have was an exchange of positions again, to bring them into clearer, more precise focus," Mr. Trump said.

"The major issues are overwork cases, and then we still have some vacation issues."

Also to be resolved are disagreements over skilled tradesmen at Broening Highway, Mr. Trump said.

Negotiations will resume this morning at 9 a.m., he said.

Previous talks had achieved the settlement of at least one major dispute, although neither side identified what it was.

Members of Local 239 walked off the job June 24, protesting what union officials and workers said were unsafe working conditions.

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