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Mako mark tapped


Maryland's 7-year-old mako shark record apparently has been beaten by a Timonium angler trolling off Ocean City for marlin with a unique bait. Bill Bennett was fishing Poor Man's Canyon when the fish struck a beer can rigged with hook and skirt.

When checked in at Ocean City Fishing Center, the mako weighed 857 pounds, 97 more than one caught in August of 1984 by Baltimorean Frank Gaither. Bennett's fish was 11 1/2 feet long and had a girth of 66 1/2 inches.

Bennett was fishing aboard Capt. Mitch Pierson's Jobsite. He fought the fish 45 minutes, but it took another two hours to get it in the boat. As for the label on that beer can turned lure, it was Foster, an Australian brand.

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