From: Carl D. Rogers


I have been reading and watching this circus going on about school redistricting.

Newcomers complain about their rights being infringed, but I say, let their children remain in the schools where they are. That will solve the problems of raising taxes and building more school. Some of our schools can accommodate more students than they house. With busing, everything would balance out.

Cal and Billy Ripkin came out of the area schools you consider inferior. I would hope my children could be just as good as these two Orioles stars.

I have lived in this county for 25 years. I have my own well, septic system, private trash pick-up and have not used the school system for 16 years. I get no benefits from my property taxes except a little police protection.

My taxes have gone from $200 a year to more than $1,200 a year. This means I am forced to pay more than $600 a year to the school system to educate your children, and I darn well resent that. I am sure many other people do, too.

* No one held a gun to force you to buy a house in Harford County.

* There is nothing in yourpurchase contract saying your children would remain in the same school location during their entire school years. If you believed this when told by the people who sold you the house, then you must also believe in the Tooth Fairy.

* You can always sell and move somewhere else.

* Most importantly, this is one school system. If one school is better than another it is because the parents are involved and made it better. If you devoted as much time to your school system as youdo to protesting, you would get rid of all the dead wood in the system. All schools would be turning out better-educated students. You would have the best schools regardless of the location.

* I agree taxes should be raised -- your taxes, not mine. Many southern states reduce senior citizen's taxes by 50 percent upon retirement. They don'thave to help pay for your children's education. No future property taxes should be permitted to support the school system, except commercial properties. Retired senior citizens taxes would be reduced 50 percent.

A head tax should be added to the people who have children in the school system and for any future increases to the school budget.

I am all for the people who use it to pay for it, after all, part of my federal and state taxes also are going to the school system.


From: Dan and Linda Riley


To: Commander

Aberdeen Proving Ground

Support Activity

This letter is in regard to the proposed pond at Aberdeen Proving Ground to bebuilt to test submarine and ship parts by underwater explosions. After listening to the Department of Defense hearing on June 18 at APG, we do not feel comfortable with the Army findings in that the following was not adequately studied:

1. Effects of explosion vibrations beyond the pond area to residents. Also, we feel the Army had inconclusive data on the effects of vibrations on the "historical" chemical contaminants in the Edgewood area (i.e., aquifers).

2. Eagle population study was flawed. It did not include Edgewood area, approximately three miles or less from site.

3. There were no reports on the effects of explosions (noise/vibrations) on the fish population in regards to migration, spawning, and disruption to natural habitat. Samecould be said of the waterfowl population.

4. The dredging of Bush River that is planned would not be a permanent condition. Maintenance and re-dredging of the area would be an ongoing process. This would be a constant disruption to the environment and a constant threat of unearthing undetonated shells.

It is interesting to note that the Department of Defense's position on dredging was very negative several years ago when local citizens suggested that the mustard gas located at the Edgewood Area of APG be barged elsewhere. Why the change of heart?

Also of great concern to us is the noise level, which could reach 122 decibels three miles away in Edgewood. This is almost equivalent to a jet airplane taking off. The Army stated at the hearingthat more noise pollution in the area is acceptable. Obviously, we disagree.

On the above points we feel the pond test facility (bomb pond) should be disapproved in this area as it was by the citizens ofVirginia and Florida.

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