From: Nancy McCarthy


I would like to thank you for the lovely article about Milton Leein Sunday's Howard Sun of June 9 ("Injured student recovers just in time for graduation," by Donna Boller).

As a parent of one of the members of the lacrosse team, a dream came true at graduation.

When the news spread on Saturday, April 27, and Sunday, April 28, about Milton's accident, everyone's concern was for his life to be saved.

Once he was stabilized, I, for one, prayed that somehow he could get to graduation. Realizing it was only five weeks away, it seemed like an unimaginable accomplishment.

However, the reports that the team members came home with led credence to the possibility. The best many of us were hoping for was an ambulance ride from the hospital graduation night.

At the Lacrosse Banquet, May 28, Coach Ross said Milton was scheduled to be released from the hospital, June 4. He wouldcome to graduation in a car.

Anyone who doubts miracles can happen, needed to be in the audience last Wednesday evening.

One walkedacross the stage.


From: Cmdr. and Mrs. Al Grinspoon and Mark and Beth

Mija, Milton and Esther Lee


The nightmare of every parent is the telephone call which says, "Your child has been taken to Shock Trauma in critical condition."

The night of April 27, 1991, the Lee and Grinspoon families received that terrible call, and life has not been the same since.

In a horrible split second, a hazardous killer road which has caused the maiming and death of so many nearly took Milton Lee and Mark Grinspoon fromus.

But the heroes of the Howard County Fire Department and the wonderful doctors, nurses and staff of the University of Maryland Shock Trauma Hospital cheated Dobbin Road of two more victims.

The miracle workers at University of Maryland Shock Trauma gave Milton and Mark a chance and the Howard High Community has helped to pull them through.

During the critical hours after the accident, students, mothers, fathers and faculty from Howard High kept a constant vigil at the hospital.

Five weeks later, the support continues.

The never-ending signs of affection and caring, the cards, gifts, flowers, balloons, meals, support to Milton's and Mark's families, and the enormous outpouring of love and affection grows.

When Milton really needed a lift while in the Critical Care Unit, the lacrosse team presented him with the county championship trophy.

Coach Ross provided a CD boom box to bring familiar sounds to a world of medications, shots and IVs.

His most important coaching was in a hospital room. When Mark made the painful journey from bed to wheelchair to crutches to cane, his Howard High classmates were there to assist and offer encouragement.

The principal, Mr. Streagle, the administration and faculty, Mr. White, Coach Ross, Mr. Riegle, Mr. O'Connell, Mr. Knox, Mrs. Hinds, Mrs. Ruppel, Mr. Glenn, Mr. Brown, Mr. Levie, Mrs. Ratcliffe, Mrs. Evans, Ms. Robinson and Mrs. Nicodemus continue to offer unselfish support far beyond the call of duty at a time when their efforts are not appropriately recognized or compensated.

Ask Milton and Mark what you mean to them.

At graduation, you were part of a miracle.

It happened when Milton sat upon the auditorium stage as Mark cheered. You walked with him in spirit to the podium and helped him grasp the diploma.

You are a community, not just a group spending eight hours a day together.

You care about each other and have learned that love can do powerful things.

Milton and Mark are examples.

Thank you for helping, caring, loving and making a difference.


From: Paul R. Collison


It was about 10 years ago that our elected officials fiddled with some laws concerning regulations and limits on the savings and loan institutions.

Today, it seems, people are asking why we (and our children) all of asudden have this trillion-dollar nightmare to pay for. Just how could this happen? Who was minding the store?

We all have a major standard of living adjustment coming and sooner or later taxes are going to climb.

The Howard County Council passed the general plan in 1990. In this plan, there are "density increases" all over the county. In the western part of the county alone, the increases are about 60 percent.

How can they fit this type of increase on three-acre zoning? It's hard to figure unless the zoning is changed.

Do your math! In about 10 years, everyone is going to be asking, "How could this have happened? Who was minding the store?"

This is not an East or West problem. Of course, the people living in the West, both old and new, are affected the most.

But just figure it out. Add up the cost of an additional high school, a couple of elementary schools. And at least one middle school.

Now, include the roads, infrastructure and social expenditures for this increased load. We are looking at morethan $500 million of additional cost (meaning higher taxes) needed in the next 20 years.

This is what you and I and our kids, both East and West, are going to have to face.

The people who live in Howard County do not, and in very many cases, cannot pay for this unnecessary expansion.

Please do not implement these possible density exchange options, hamlet concepts and/or any other clustering concepts presented by your Rural Residential Land Use Study Commission.

Please amend the 1990 General Plan to maintain the density limits that were in place in 1989; that is, maintain limits we can afford.

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