Around the house* Eliminate mildew odors. Take...


Around the house

* Eliminate mildew odors. Take damp or wet items outside to air dry. Place trays of baking soda or cat litter around the room to absorb smells. Spray room with a disinfectant.

* When making flower arrangements, don't toss out bent stems. They can be inserted into a drinking straw and camouflaged in the midst of the bouquet.

* June brides should have wedding gowns professionally cleaned. Stains that are left untreated can cause damage and discoloration to fabric. Dress should be stored in acid-free box with white acid-free tissue paper. Plastic bags or storage boxes with plastic windows should not be used.

In the garden

* Try using an apple corer to dig up garden weeds.

* A hot-water bottled partially filled with water can provide a cushion for knees.

* Curtain rods are a sturdy support for vines.

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