Mediterranean RestaurantMediterranean Restaurant, 4901 Eastern Ave., 633-9495....


Mediterranean Restaurant

Mediterranean Restaurant, 4901 Eastern Ave., 633-9495. Whatever your favorite Greek restaurant is, you owe yourself a meal at the Mediterranean, which opened recently in Greektown. If you're like our family, you'll find a place with a superb sense of seasoning, big portions of terrific food, reasonable prices, good service and a beautiful atmosphere. And they're nice to children. There is no children's menu, but we found plenty that our two daughters liked and even were able to share -- from the flaky cheese pies through the rice pudding. The Greek favorites were delicious, as were the crab cakes. $ 1/2 moderately inexpensive. (Last visited 5/91.) Bistro 300, Hyatt Regency Hotel, 300 Light St., 528-1234. Bistro 300 has charm aplenty, a Parisian cafe mood, swift and courteous service and a menu that combines conservative heartland fare with ethnic and New American --. So why weren't we wowed? Forgettable food was the culprit, although smoked chicken quesadillas were snappy and the grilled lamb (although a bit overcooked) had fine flavor. Many menu items sound tempting, though, so it's worth another try. $$moderate. (Last visited 6/91.)

LYNN WILLIAMS Puerta del Sol, 5506 Harford Road, 426-4121. More Spanish than Peruvian, more American than Spanish, Puerta del Sol serves pleasant but unremarkable dinners. Mushrooms on toast were served on toasted, conventionally fluffy white bread and the black bean soup ran to a glutinous pastiness. We had better luck with a plate of Swiss steak called "Peruvian beef stew." Best of all were a "special fish soup" and a special entree of the day -- baby salmon, served in a light wine sauce scattered with tomatoes, peppers and beans. $$moderate. (Last visited 5/91.)


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