Tombstones toppled by vandals A mourner discovers battered monuments at Balto. Co. cemetery DESTRUCTION AT WOODLAWN


Vandals overturned more than 80 ornate grave monuments -- some worth $10,000 -- at the Woodlawn Cemetery in Baltimore County, police said.

The granite monuments stood in two long rows in the old section of the cemetery where the first burial dates to 1904, the year of the Baltimore Fire.

According to Betty Young, general manager of the cemetery, the destruction was discovered yesterday by a local resident who was visiting the grave of a relative.

Young said a total of 87 monuments were knocked over sometime after dark Wednesday. Several were shattered, she said.

No graves appeared to have been disturbed, police said.

"The financial consideration is one thing," Young said today. "But to the people who have loved ones buried at these graves, it is a very emotional thing. It comes very close to home."

She said the vandals gained entrance to the 200-acre cemetery in the 2100 block of Woodlawn Dr. and knocked over the monuments. Young said the monuments ranged in height from 3 feet to more than 7 feet.

"Times change and people today don't spend money on grave monuments as frequently," she said. "But the taller ones would cost $10,000, probably more."

In July 1984, vandals struck the Woodlawn Cemetery and overturned dozens of headstones and monuments. An investigation led to the arrests of five suspects, 18 to 32 years old. All were convicted, Young said.

In a second case of vandalism, police say they have no suspects in the spray-painting of about 100 cars parked in the Loch Raven Village area.

The word "recycle" and other messages were spray-painted on the vehicles between 2 a.m. and 3 a.m. yesterday, police said. Spray-painted on a van was the message: "Recycle. Happy Fourth of July."

The cars were parked in the 1500 block of Dellsway, Doxbury and Joppa roads and in the 8500 block of Pleasant Plains Road, police said.

8, Water-based paint was used, police said.

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