Verbal abuse costs McEnroe $10,000 fine


WIMBLEDON, England -- Five obscenities in 10 seconds cost John McEnroe $10,000 yesterday.

McEnroe received the fine for verbally abusing a linesman during his loss to Stefan Edberg in the fourth round at Wimbledon. Tournament referee Alan Mills reviewed a videotape of the match before announcing the fine, believed to be the highest in the event's history.

"The linesperson was so intimidated to the point that he did not report the incident," Grand Prix supervisors Ken Farrar and Stefan Fransson said in a statement.

According to a transcript of the outburst, McEnroe screamed: "Good f------ call, you son of a f------ b----. You f------ report me after the match is over and I'll f------ . . ."

The fine will be deducted from McEnroe's Wimbledon winnings of $27,720 for singles and $6,253 for doubles.

It could have been worse. He faced a potential $10,000 fine for each obscenity.

McEnroe also won't have to miss a Grand Slam event. Under a previous rule, he was bounced from the 1990 French Open for receiving $7,500 worth of fines in a 12-month period. But the rule was wiped out this year.

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