This week's batch of questions without answers starts with a highly commendable decision made by North County's head football coach ChuckMarkiewicz.

Isn't it great that Markiewicz, the man who brought the run-and-shoot offense to the county three years ago, stepped in toreverse what was a petty protest in the summer passing league that he started this year?

Markiewicz, who organized the touch football league and affiliated it with the Mid-Atlantic Summer Passing League, recommended to Commissioner Bob Neville that Old Mill be given back its 18-12 win over Glen Burnie and moved into the summer playoffs.

At first, the win was taken away from Old Mill because Glen Burnie filed a protest over a player who didn't have the same color jersey as the rest of the Patriots.

Glen Burnie won the petty protest and that meant Old Mill tied North County for the county's North Division title, forcing aplayoff to determine who would join South Division winner, Broadneck, in the semifinals with Prince George's County division winners, Gonzaga and Dunbar.

While Markiewicz doesn't coach the North County summerteam, he is the Knights' head coach in the fall and was placed in a can't-win situation. Or was he?

I think he won by doing what was in the best interests of the players. He encouraged Neville to overturn the ridiculous protest and give Old Mill the division title it earned.

Wouldn't it have been really bad for the first-year league to have done otherwise and legislated a championship over a team that won it on the field? Had it come to winning by jersey color, how many teams would have wanted to play in the league next summer knowing thatsilly little technicalities counted more than what happens between the white lines?

* With all this jazz about Northeast grads CharlieBuckheit (pitcher) and Craig Everett (outfielder) possibly changing theirminds about attending Anne Arundel Community College and insteadopting for Seminole Junior College in Stillwater, Okla., where they played in the Sun Belt Classic with the Maryland team, hasn't one very important item been omitted?

Don't people realize that Buckheit and Everett signed letters of intent to Anne Arundel, and if they decided to transfer would have to sit out a year? What good it would do the undrafted Buckheit and Everett, the 93rd-round selection of the Houston Astros, to sit out a year?

And for a couple of you who called the 24-Hour Sportsline (647-2499) last week to tell me what a great opportunity it would be for them to choose Seminole over Anne Arundel, give me a break.

I know for a fact that Seminole head coach Lloyd Simmons never has seen Buckheit nor Everett and that Oklahoma State University head coach Gary Ward recommends players to several community colleges in his area. That way Ward stockpiles players and has the pickins' of a herd for his Cowboys.

Nothing is illegal about that, but it does result in a lot of players getting lost in a numbersgame.

* Did you local baseball fans know that the first Maryland American Legion South All-Star Game will be played at Joe Cannon Stadium at 2 p.m. Sunday, July 21?

The South All-Stars will include players from the Anne Arundel County Legion League that Mayo Post No. 226 came out of last year on the way to the national American Legion championship.

Players for the South All-Star Game will run the 60-yard -- with infield and outfield practice to follow (10:30 to 11:30 a.m) under the direction of Baltimore Orioles scouting supervisor Jim Gilbert and legion supervisor Bob Redyk.

After Gilbert and his staff of other coaches and scouts run the players through that, batting practice will be taken from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. with pregame infieldfrom 1 to 1:30 p.m.

The day before at Grove Stadium in Frederick,the North All-Stars go through the same ritual with their game at 7:30 p.m.

After the two games, the best players from both sides willbe selected to play in the First North-South on Sunday, July 28, at Municipal Stadium in Hagerstown following the minor-league game between the host Suns and New Britain.

"This has been a long time coming, but we've finally put it together, and it's great for baseball andthe players," said Gilbert.

* Isn't it a shame that many county Rec and Parks youth baseball teams from ages 9 through 14 that have been playing together since April couldn't use their entire roster in the Linthicum-Ferndale tournaments because the county uses a Jan. 1 cutoff date for ages and all the national organizations use the Aug. 1 cutoff date?

This means that Rec and Parks 8-10, 10-12 and 12-14 teams have to drop their older players to meet the cutoff date or playup at a disadvantage if they want to use all of their players.

Inmany cases, those older teams don't field teams in the LF Tournament, which is too bad.

Do you, like me, hope that Rec and Parks, which says it will change to the Aug. 1 cutoff date next year in 8-10 andadd an age class each year thereafter, will just do it all the way across the board in 10-12 and 12-14?

While the Mickey Mantle and Joe E. Brown 15-16 leagues play under the auspices of the Anne Arundel Amateur Baseball Association and are sanctioned by Rec and Parks, didyou know they use Aug. 1?

* Aren't the very young players on the Rolling Knolls 11-13 team fortunate to have someone as dedicated as Dave Cosgrove, who personally takes care of their Crownsville Field while also doing a great job teaching them fundamentals and telling them all the right things?

* Aren't congratulations in order for the United Youth Club 10-12 youth baseball team of Coach Sid Crandell forwinning the county Rec and Parks "B" championship with five 10-year-olds?

* How many have noticed how green the grass is and how well-kept the Anne Arundel Community College diamond is these days? You didn't know that college baseball coach Clayton Jacobson, who gave up running Wagner's 20 and Under Team this year, is quite a gardener, didyou?

* Have you young players in the Glen Burnie Boys Baseball program signed up for Frank Klebe's B.A.T. (Baseball All the Time) clinic coming July 8-12 to Saw Mill Creek Park on Dorsey Road?

Klebe, a former minor-league coach in the Baltimore Orioles and Cleveland Indians organizations, runs his camps from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. with the morning sessions instruction-oriented and the afternoons for games.

Assisting Klebe is former Glen Burnie All-County infielder and assistant coach to Klebe at Catonsville Community College, Bob Lilliock.

Information: 360-2853.

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