50 Years Ago (week of June 29-July...


50 Years Ago (week of June 29-July 5, 1941):

* A new barn on the estate of Dr. D. T. Bowers of Marriottsville, completed less than a week earlier, was destroyed this week by a whirlwind that left nearby buildings relatively undamaged. The manager of the farm and his son escaped serious injury through luck. In seeking shelter from the approaching storm, they first tried to enter the new barn. Finding it locked, they went instead to a nearby barn that lost its roof in the storm but otherwise proved to be a safer shelter.

* After 15 years as an exclusively male organizations, the 3-M club of Ellicott City began admitting female members. This week at the club's regular weekly meeting, eight new female members were elected.With the advent of female membership, the club

planned to switch its emphasis to social functions rather than athletic activities, which had been its primary focus previously.

25 Years Ago (week of June 26-July 2, 1966):

* The Howard County Planning Commission was reviewing plans for two of Columbia's designated employment areas thisweek. The larger of the two areas was a 120-acre site located just southeast of the intersection of routes 32 and 29. * The Columbia Association (CA) and the Howard County Library Board reached an agreementthis week, to the tune of $50,000, that would give Columbia a countylibrary by April 1967. CA agreed to advance money to the library board for the first phase of Columbia's library service. A lease agreement between CA, the library board and the county commissioners would permit the county to pay rent for five years on the 3,500 square feet for the library.

Information for this column was culled from the Howard County Historical Society's library.

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