Abandoned baby still not identified


Baltimore police and city social services officials are still trying to establish the identity of a baby abandoned with a stranger two weeks ago on Eastern Avenue.

The child is described as a white male, about 20 months old, with no distinguishing marks. He is in good health and appears to have been well-cared for.

He is living with a foster mother, who believes he may be as young as 17 months but big for his age.

"The foster mother has tried saying different names to him, and he seems to respond to the name Johnny," said Social Services spokeswoman Sue Fitzsimmons. "But we don't know whether the name is his or someone else's, or if he just likes the name Johnny."

Police have been unable to match the child to descriptions in missing children reports. Protective Services officials won a court order yesterday allowing them to go to the news media JTC today in an effort to learn something about his family.

If no family is found, the state will move to terminate parental rights and put the child up for adoption.

Fitzsimmons said that an unidentified white couple approached a man on Eastern Avenue June 19 and asked him to watch the child for a little while.

Several hours passed and "when they didn't come back, he went to the fire station at Eastern and Collington avenues and asked for help," Fitzsimmons said. Police have since been unable to locate the man, whom they described as a "semi-street person."

"He is not wanted for anything except being a good Samaritan," said police spokesman Dennis Hill.

Anyone with information about the baby's identity is asked to call Sue Fitzsimmons at 361-2002.

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