A group of parents will try again tomorrow to convince school board members that Northeast High School Principal Joseph Carducci Jr. mustbe removed.

This time, they say, they will cite examples of poor student and staff morale and of Carducci's religious beliefs interfering with his ability to run the school.

"He came in and immediately made changes without giving us a chance to show how smoothly it can run," said parent Linda Tetrault. "We've met with him and asked him to work with us."

Carducci was the subject of a studentprotest last month after he fired popular AthleticDirector Bob Grimm and his assistant, Bart Rader. Carducci said he and Grimm had a philosophical disagreement and accused Grimm of insubordination.

Last night, the parents' group sponsored a rally in front of the school to gain support for their second meeting with the school board.

Parents attended the last board meeting in mid-June but were warned against using Carducci's name during the discussion.

Tetrault and other parents say they want to talk to the board again becausethey were not given an opportunity to explain the problems they have had with Carducci. They have also brought the issue to state delegates Joan Cadden and Ray Huff.

Carducci was not available for comment.

In other business, the eight-member board will select a new president to replace Nancy Gist, who is near the end of her term.

Board members Dorothy Chaney and Jo Ann Tollenger are contenders for the spot.

Gist served as vice president for two years and has one more year left in her five-year school board term.

"It was a year with a different focus," Gist said, referring to the $8 million deficit faced by the board. "We've never had such a tight fiscal climate before."

The board is awaiting word from Gov. William Donald Schaefer's appointment office on the replacement for board member Patricia Huecker and the appointment of student board member Miecha Werwie.Those confirmations usually take place by July 1.

The board must also decide whether to cut the permanent substitutes program.

A proposal by Superintendent Larry L. Lorton recommended eliminating 80 permanent substitutes to save $1.1 million. Permanent substitutes average about $14,270 annually.

The board members is scheduled to voteon a $120,000 four-year grant for drop-out preventionat the Center of Applied Technology North and South.

The lengthy agenda also includes a review of ISIS, the system-wide computer program, and school construction status.

School board meetings take place at the Board of Education, 2644 Riva Road, Annapolis.

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