Dykstra takes batting practice


Lenny Dykstra took some batting practice with the Philadelphia Phillies yesterday, his first action with the team since breaking his collarbone in a car crash May 6.

Dykstra swung the bat in the indoor batting facility beneath Veterans Stadium, with hitting coach Denis Menke looking on.

"He took about 20-25 swings," Menke said. "His swing looked good, but he wasn't cutting loose."

Dykstra said he took 30 to 40 swings.

"By the end of the hour, I was taking full swings," said the outfielder, who hopes to make his return July 11.

* BREWERS: Commissioner Fay Vincent, saying again that small-market teams like Milwaukee must increase their revenue sources to stay competitive, gave his endorsement to a new stadium for the team.

"I think people have to recognize that a new ballpark may be essential to the health of this franchise," Vincent said during a stop at County Stadium, which was built in 1952.

"I think it's one of the key things that can be done in a circumstance like this for baseball to remain vibrant in this area. I feel it's a major project for baseball and even more important for Milwaukee."

The Brewers want to build a $140 million stadium and are hoping to increase revenues with the sale of luxury boxes that their current stadium lacks.

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