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Red Sox's sudden nosedive mystifies Morgan


Everything was "unbelievable" to Boston Red Sox manager Joe Morgan after his team endured a 6-4 loss to the Orioles yesterday.

Oh, the Sox skipper could believe that Boston rookie first baseman Mo Vaughn almost hit the second home run in history out of Memorial Stadium. Vaughn's fifth-inning blast reportedly fell five rows shy of clearing the rightfield bleachers.

"I can't believe there haven't been more of them," Morgan said.


Most of all, though, he could not believe how far the Red Sox, who earlier this season owned a comfortable lead in the American League East, have fallen so fast.

"It's hard to believe we started out this good and went this bad," Morgan said. "The thing that worries me now is that every night it's something different. That isn't a good sign."

Yesterday's loss was Boston's 11th straight in a series finale. After dropping two of three to the Orioles, the Sox are a disappointing 5-13 against the Yankees, Orioles and Indians, the three worst teams in the AL East.

As Morgan might say, that's unbelievable.

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