From: Kevin Murnane

Director, public relations

North Arundel Hospital

Just a quick thank you note to you and your staff for the great cooperation North Arundel Hospital receives.Recently, JoAnna Daemmrich wrote a very good story regarding our CORF program, and Jill Zarend has always done a fantastic job in utilizing our releases.

I appreciate you and your staff's support and assistance that is given to me and the hospital.


From: William J. Bow


Three cheers for the state and county programs responsible for gypsy moth control! Their efforts havebeen most successful.

In the previous two years, we killed thousands of adult caterpillars on our property during the May/June feedingfrenzy. This year, thanks to the efforts of the state and county agencies, we collected only a few dozen from under the burlap strips andbelow the sticky-band barriers. Virtually no leaf damage is visible.

This was due to extensive spraying, appropriate media reports, excellent informational pieces and instructional meetings

conducted in our communities.

I express appreciation for a job well done andendorse further support for these programs.


From: Olive M. Marshall

Glen Square Resident Council

In answer to the (article) in Sunday's (Anne Arundel County Sun) by JoAnnaDaemmrich and two others about Charles St. Lawrence ("Housing Authority fights to overcome past woes" and "Car phone charges double with St. Lawrence at wheel"), it seems it is becoming a vendetta with yourreporters against Mr. St. Lawrence.

I am a senior at Glen Square Residence in Glen Burnie and have known and admired him for approximately three years, and find him to be very dedicated to his volunteer job.

Looks to me as if you are really out to "get him." Knowing him, you will not succeed.

You criticize an $86 phone bill, against $35 of June Waller. You neglect to mention thousands spend by the high-salaried in high places. As far as I am concerned, this is nitpicking. If making calls from a car phone saves time and helps solve the many problems he has to deal with (housing, a new director, appointinga resident to the board, the budget and much more), then I am all for it.

True, Ms. Waller's bill was a little less, but remember, shehad a full-time job, high salary and full time to give to the job (How high does your expense go? And you're not a volunteer.)

Why notlet him alone to do the job he is trying to do? He is a man of integrity, and you will never get him to back down.

Hang in there, Mr. St. Lawrence; all who know you are on your side.

I do not want to waste any more of my money or time reading the garbage you write, andbefore you do, please be sure you have all the facts. "Just the facts, ma'am."

I dislike writing letters -- I just had to speak out inMr. Lawrence's defense.

You reporters will soon be eating crow.


From: Fran Purper, Dorothy Lins

Woman's Club of Linthicum Heights

A very sincere thank you to the Anne Arundel County Sun and to "Neighbors" correspondent Rosalie Falter for theexcellent coverage given to the many activities and fund-raisers held by the Woman's Club of Linthicum Heights this past year.

Your interest and support are greatly appreciated.


From: Tim Bernadzikowski

Severna Park

Last year, many of Representative Tom McMillen's opponents called him "PAC Man" and "Tom McMillions" in reference to his acceptance of large amounts of out-of-state, special interest campaign contributions. This year, in honor of McMillen's vote in favor of the 1991 Civil Rights Act, I dub him "Quota-Man."

Though McMillen doesn't discuss it in his latest "Washington Report," he voted for a Civil Rights Act that has nothing to do with civil rights. What McMillen did vote for is a law that makes it easier to sue for discrimination, shifts the burden of proof from the plaintiff to the defendant (as was done in Nazi Germany and is done in the Soviet Union), and allows charges of discrimination based solely on statistical disparities.

Our nation is awash in litigation, our courts choked with lawsuits. This bill will only increase the number of speculative lawsuits and require an attorney to oversee every action in corporate personnel departments. The 1991 Civil Rights Act could be easily renamed "The Lawyer Employment Act of 1991."

Furthermore, by reversing the burden of proof from the plaintiff to the defendant, it is tossing centuries of legal precedent on its head. According to McMillen, in America you are no longer innocent until proven guilty. Instead, you are guilty until proven innocent.

McMillen claims that the bill is not a quota bill by pointing out

language inthe bill prohibiting quotas. However, the bill does allow charges ofdiscrimination based on statistical disparities. The only way for anemployer who wishes to avoid the high cost of litigation is to eliminate statistical disparities. And the only way to do that is to "fix"the employment statistics through quotas. McMillen thus exposes his intellectual incompetence when he suggests otherwise.


From: Michele Bunker

Glen Burnie

Congressman Tom McMillen has helped to hammer another nail into the coffin of freedom in this country by voting for the atrocious Brady bill. Violating the Bill of Rights in exchange for a seven-day waiting period seems like a poor deal, with our liberty being on the short end of the stick. And how, pray tell, will a seven-day waiting period for purchasing handguns reduce crime?

The Brady bill makes sense only if it is seen as the first step in a long line of measures to abolish the Second Amendment a piece at a time. If the Brady bill is signed into law, expect another, more restrictive measure to be proposed .

The only way todeter violent crime is to reinstate in every state the death penaltyfor all murderers. Opponents of the death penalty claim that it has no deterrent effect. But in this country, it is rarely used. In the past decade, roughly 150 murderers have received their just reward.

In our system of government, we have certain rights and certain responsibilities. We have the right to own firearms in order to protect ourselves from tyrannical government. If the right is abused by criminals, then the criminals should be promptly and severely punished. To take away our rights instead is to punish the wrong people.

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