An 18-year-old man charged with murder told police he was playing "Rambo" when he accidentally shot the man who bailed him out of jail.

After the brother of a fellow inmate picked up MacArthur Rayman of Gambrills at the County Detention Center Wednesday, the two went to the friend's home and played Rambo with a .22-caliber semiautomatic rifle, Rayman said.

At a bail review Friday in District Court, Rayman's bail was set at $125,000 -- $100,000 for the murder charge and $25,000 for an unrelated arson charge.

Rayman told police he was chasing the victim, Marcus Maddox, 19, down some stairs during the Rambo game when the gun went off accidentally, court records show.

Maddox, the brother of a man Rayman had met in the County Detention Center, was shot once in the chest and twice in the head.

However, the three shots, boththe front and the back, make it extremely unlikely the shooting was an accident, said county police spokesman Richard V. Malloy.

"It doesn't appear to be an accident with shots in front and back. Also, he had to pull the trigger three separate times (for there to be the three shots)," Malloy said.

Rayman has told police he wrapped the body in a sheet and dumped it in a hall closet at the victim's Churchton home, before leaving in the dead man's car, police say.

Police say Maddox was shot between 7:30 a.m. Thursday, when another brother spoke to him on the phone, and 10 a.m. that day, when Rayman was arrested -- sheerly by happenstance -- on an arson charge.

At the bailreview via closed circuit television, no one showed up on Rayman's behalf.

The clean-cut redhead chewed gum steadily, and when asked if he had an attorney, replied, "Not that I know of."

Asked if he had anyone who would assist with his bail, he said, "No."

He told the judge he did home improvement work for a living.

When Judge Donald Lowman set bail at $125,000, the prosecutor objected, calling Rayman a clear danger to the community.

But, replied the judge, the accused has no one to post bail for him and no property.

It wasn't the first time Rayman had been arrested and no one had posted bail.

He had been in the Detention Center since May because of an arrest in December 1990, when he was charged with breaking into his mother'shouse and stealing about $300 from her Christmas cards.

The latest scenario began when Quentin Maddox called his mother from the County Detention Center, where he is serving a year on drug charges, and begged her to help his friend, Rayman.

She charged $1,000 on her credit card to bail Rayman out of jail, police say. Her younger son, Marcus Maddox, went to the prison to give the man a ride to his aunt's house in Pasadena.

Somehow, the two ended up at Quentin Maddox's house in Churchton.

After Marcus was shot the next morning, Rayman went to the State Police barracks in Glen Burnie to pick up clothes taken when he was originally jailed. He'd been held since May on the breaking and entering charges.

An arson investigator, who was seeking a photograph of Rayman so he could serve a warrant from a May 28 arson, happened to walk by and see him.

Rayman was sitting on the barracks steps with a friend, who is also wanted in connection with the arson and three burglary attempts. Rayman and the friend, Michael Wayne Lowe Jr., 18, of Pasadena, were arrested and charged with arson.

When Marcus Maddox's brother, Andreas, found the body that evening, the police investigation led to Rayman, who told them he shot the victim accidentally.

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