Stadium SamaritanThe 1991 Orioles games have been...


Stadium Samaritan

The 1991 Orioles games have been branded "A Season to Remember." For many Baltimore baseball fans, the final year at Memorial Stadium has been a season to forget.

After my last visit to the ballpark, I realized I had lost my wallet. It contained my credit cards, driver's license, checkbook, cash and pictures of my children. I was panic-stricken.

I called the Orioles office early the next morning. I described the wallet, and they had it. When my children and I arrived at the stadium, we were greeted by the receptionist, who couldn't have been any nicer. At this point, I was glad they had found the wallet, but since I didn't know who turned it in, I was worried about its contents. I hoped that at the very least, the individual might have left my pictures.

Upon receiving the wallet, I realized that it was fully intact. I had to explain to my 2-year-old that I wasn't sad, but that those were tears of joy streaming down my face. This says a lot for Baltimore fans and those who work at Memorial Stadium. I asked who had turned it in, but they said the person hadn't given his name.

It's a shame that someone's act of kindness and honesty should come as a shock to me. It would be great if this were the norm, but unfortunately in this day and age, the news reminds us all too often that we need to watch out for ourselves.

As I was backing my car out to leave, I looked up at the tall stadium walls where a large banner boasts, "A Season to Remember." For my family and me, it always will be.

Maureen A. Ambrose


Bring up Chito Martinez

Thank you, John Eisenberg. Until you mentioned Chito Martinez in your column June 23, I was convinced that nobody outside Rochester even knew he existed.

Chito Martinez, for those of you who never have heard of him, is fTC a left-handed-hitting outfielder at Rochester who is hitting over .300 with 16 homers, despite spending some time on the disabled list this year. Yet, for some reason, the Orioles are keeping him down at Rochester, even though they have nothing to lose by giving him a chance.

For weeks now, everyone (from fans who call in to the local talk shows, to sportswriters, to John Oates and Roland Hemond) has been speculating about possible trades or roster moves that would bring more punch to the Orioles lineup. Yet few people seem to realize that, in Martinez, the answer could be as close as a phone call to Rochester. Even if Martinez turns out to be just a flash in the pan, he might just give this team the shot in the arm that it needs. Even though Jim Traber turned out to be a flop, remember how he energized the ballclub for more than a month when he was called up in 1986?

Evidently, there are people in the Orioles front office who feel that Chito isn't for real, otherwise he'd be in an Orioles uniform by now. Maybe they're right. Maybe not. No one will know for sure until Chito gets a chance to play. After all, he can't be much worse than Brady Anderson or Jeff McKnight.

Steve McKeown


Great Bays

As demonstrated by a recent 4-1 victory over the Salt Lake Sting, the worst thing a team can do when playing the Maryland Bays is score the first goal of the game.

Millonarios of Colombia also found out the week before that the Bays don't start playing until they are losing, 1-0. After that, they hit their opponents from all sides with a relentless offensive barrage. Can any team in the United States contain the Bays? The proposed game against English Cup champion Sheffield Wednesday next month would be a good test for the Bays. Hopefully, we'll find out how the Bays measure up against such

an opponent.

Rachel Conlin


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