Clothing hazardJim Smith wasn't shooting pool, but...


Clothing hazard

Jim Smith wasn't shooting pool, but he still got the ball into a pocket.

The pocket was in the shorts of Jim Van Gundy and the ball was sent there Wednesday by Smith's 9-iron shot on the sixth hole at the Fort Dodge (Iowa) Country Club.

"It was unique. I've never even had a hole-in-one," said Smith.

"Craziest thing I ever saw," said Dick Metier, a Fort Dodge golfer standing with Van Gundy in the tee box on the seventh hole.

"There were some people in front of us kind of holding things up, which is why we were all standing there waiting to tee off on 7," Metier said. "I heard the people on No. 6 yell "Fore!' I said 'Look out' or something like that, and I saw Jim turn slightly to his right and put his hands up over his head. I heard a little swish, was all, and then we tried to find the ball."

"I saw Metier duck," Van Gundy said. "As I turned, I felt a little nick on my left thigh. It was just a little bump. We tried to find the ball and couldn't. Then I put my hand in the left pocket of my shorts, where I'd had one golf ball before. There were two balls there. I couldn't believe it. The second one wasn't my ball."

Smith said the ball Van Gundy found was the ball he was playing.


A Dutch soccer team, BVV Den Bosch, was barred from European Cup tournaments for three seasons because it went to court to get a replay of the National Cup final's second half.

Den Bosch's use of civil courts violated a UEFA rule that clubs must settle disputes exclusively through the sports authorities in their country.

Feyenoord Rotterdam, Den Bosch's opponent in the match, was awarded the Dutch berth in next season's European Cupwinners Cup as a result of the sanction, the Union of European Football Associations said in a statement.

A Dutch court last week ordered the match's second half replayed because of trouble attributed to Rotterdam's fans.

Feyenoord got the court to postpone the replay originally set for Sunday until at least July, claiming its players could not be rounded up in time.

The quote

Mel Hall of the Yankees after New York swept a three-game series against the Red Sox at Boston's Fenway Park: "There's not much I like about Boston, the team or the town. I just enjoy beating them."

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