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Possible nominees


President Bush is likely to choose a nominee to the Supreme Court early this week. Here are names of some of the individuals the president reportedly has reviewed with his advisers (names marked by [*] were "finalists" for the last Supreme Court vacancy a year ago):

U.S. Circuit Court judges

Ferdinand F. Fernandez, 53, Hispanic-American, from Pomona, ACalif., serving on court in San Francisco; former U.S. District

Court judge and state judge.

Emilio M. Garza, 42, Hispanic-American, from San Antonio, Texas, on court in New Orleans; former U.S. District Court judge.

[*] Edith H. Jones, 42, white, from Houston, on court in New Orleans; former private attorney.

Amalya L. Kearse, 54, black, from New York City, on court there; former private attorney.

[*] Laurence H. Silberman, 55, white, from Washington, D.C., on court in Washington; former Justice Department and State Department official, private attorney.

Clarence Thomas, 43, black, from Jefferson City, Mo., on court in Washington; former chairman, U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Copmmission.

Ralph K. Winter Jr., white, from New Haven, Conn., on court in New York City; former Yale law professor.

U.S. District Court judge:

Ricardo H. Hinojosa, 40, Hispanic-American, from Rio Grande City, Texas, serving on court in McAllen, Texas; former private attorney.

High government officials:

Kenneth W. Starr, 45, white, from Washington, D.C., serving as U.S. solicitor general; former U.S. Circuit Court judge, high Justice Department official.

Carla A. Hills, 57, white, from Los Angeles, serving as U.S. trade representative in the White House; former U.S. secretary of housing, Justice Department official, private attorney.

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