THB, Banditos, Wayward and more confirmed for Cosmic Cocktail!

From The Sun June 30-July 6, 1841July...


From The Sun June 30-July 6, 1841

July 2: Good Advice -- Don't drink too much cold water during the hot weather.

July 3: The Declaration of Independence will be found on our first page. It ought to be read at least once a year by every person in the land.


From The Sun June 30-July 6, 1891

July 3: Under towering clouds and amid dense green forests forming a dome and walls for the scene of the ceremony, the new wing of St. Agnes Hospital, near the Frederick Road, was dedicated yesterday.

July 4: As the morning gun is fired at every military and naval post in the country today, the remodeled flag of the American Union will be unfurled. One star is added, announcing the admission of Idaho to the union.


From The Sun June 30-July 6, 1941

July 4: A food ration card issued by the army of Napoleon to one of his soldiers will be put on display at the Pratt Library next Tuesday.

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