50 additional officers to walk summer beats


Baltimore residents, plagued by high crime and high tax rates, are used to seeing red. But on Tuesday they will begin to see some blue.

That's when the Police Department will put 50 additional uniformed officers on the street in areas determined by computer analysis to have a need for such old-time policing, the department announced yesterday.

Said spokesman Dennis S. Hill, "We realize in the summertime it stays light longer and more things are going on. We have isolated the problem areas and want to beef up foot patrols in those areas that need it. This is a fairly substantial contribution of people."

Mr. Hill said the 50 officers will augment the 111 existing foot posts in each of the city's nine districts.

Some of the city areas targeted for more foot patrols -- identified by police as especially plagued by drugs, street robberies, larcenies and auto thefts -- include Howard Street downtown, the Lexington Market and Mall, the Inner Harbor, parts of Madison and Hoffman streets and Patterson Park in East Baltimore.

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