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Towson Landmark


Four years and $11 million later, Stephens Hall, the distinctive building that defines Towson State University, is open again for academic business. This majestic, 91,000-square-foot structure, complete with clock tower and an ornate, English manor architectural style, sits majestically on a hill overlooking York Road. For countless motorists and alumni, Stephens Hall is Towson State.

But the 1915 edifice was sadly in need of repair and modernization. An entire class of TSU students never set foot in the massive hall during their undergraduate years. As is typical of renovations of antiquated landmarks, repairs took longer and cost much more than expected. Now, Stephens Hall is once again an integral part of the Towson State scene, with its classrooms, offices and even its clock tower rejuvenated and looking toward another 75 years of higher education.

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