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Maryland's Department of Natural Resources will conduct a public meeting on the proposed striped-bass regulations for the 1991-1992 recreational, charter and commercial seasons from 6 to 9 p.m. Monday in the ground-floor conference room at the Maryland Department of Agriculture in Annapolis.

The proposal would allow an increase in the striped-bass quota from 750,000 to 1,074,000 pounds total allowable catch. It also would establish the 1991-1992 season and require recreational permits, tags and catch limits.

Minimum and maximum sizes (18 to 36 inches) monitoring and reporting requirements will remain the same as last year. Other regulationswould prohibit night fishing, disband tournaments and require striped bass to be landed whole.

Major features of the 1991-1992 stripedbass fishery are:


* Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries -- 456,747-pound quota; season, Oct. 9-26; two striped bass perperson per season, permits and tags required; if the quota is not taken during the first season, a second season is proposed to open after Oct. 26. The limit for the second season would be two fish per person per day until the quota is reached. No tags would be required for the second season.

* Atlantic Ocean -- no quota; season, Oct. 9-26; limit, one striped bass per person per day; no tags required.


* Chesapeake Bay and tributaries -- 161,206-pound quota; season, Oct. 9-26; limit one striped bass per person per day.


* Chesapeake Bay and tributaries -- 456,747-pound quota; season, pound nets and haul lines, Sept. 2-30, hook and line, Dec. 2-31, gill net, Jan. 2-Feb. 28, 1992; no commercial harvest on weekends.

* Atlantic Ocean -- 25,000-pound quota; season, gill net and trawls Dec. 2-31.

Information: Frances McFadden, 974-3365, or Barbara MacLeod, 974-3017.

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