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Alexandra Adams of Millersville, a mother of two small children, fought her breast cancer until the day she died April 12 at the age of 35. Her story will last forever, if supporters of the Wellness Community of Anne Arundel County have their way.

The non-profit organization wants to name the center in Alex Adams' memory if enough money israised to reach the organization's goal of more than $200,000.

"Alex wanted to feel that something good would come from this sadness," said her husband of 14 years, Bill Adams. "She fought activelyagainst her disease and didn't surrender until it was inevitable."

A group of 11 physicians, from the Annapolis Radiology Association pledged $50,000 to the organization in memory of Alexandra. Her husband, Bill Adams, is a radiologist with the firm.

Yesterday, at the Severna Park home of Dr. Stephen Brown, Brown presented a $10,000 check to Dr. Harold Benjamin, founder of the Wellness Community in SantaMonica, Calif., and Katherine Smith, director of the Anne Arundel County Wellness Community. The balance of the donation will be made later this year.

The group includes doctors: Stephen R. Brown, VernonR. Croft, Robert W. Frazier, James W. Reinig, Kerry J. Thompson, Mark S. Radowich, Thomas B. Link, Jack Van Geffen, Loyd Wolfley and Cornelia M. Dettmer.

The Wellness Community of Anne Arundel County provides programs free of charge for the psychological, social and emotional support of adult cancer patients and their families.

Cancer patients learn to participate in their fight for recovery along with their physicians, rather than acting as victims.

The facility offers free support groups, lectures and presentations on stress management, nutrition, pain control, relaxation techniques, biofeedback, groupmeetings and is a comfortable place where cancer patients can find company and understanding.

The Wellness Community wants Anne Arundel County to have a place for cancer patients like Alex to go and fight their battles. Contributions may be mailed to: The Wellness Community of Anne Arundel County, P.O. Box 232, Millersville, Md. 21108.

For more information on the Wellness Community, call 987-9299.

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