The days available for gonna-do-it-one-day are slipping away


Half of 1991 has disappeared. And I've not made a dent in the list of things I've been meaning to do before the year ends.

That agenda of the gonna-do-it-one-day listincludes:

* Visit the Baltimore Zoo before the baby wallaby enters adulthood.

* Check my weight on the free scales in the lobby of the Maryland National Bank lobby, Baltimore and Light streets. It's the last known free public weighing station downtown.

* See the production of Irving Berlin's "Annie Get Your Gun" at Essex Community College.

* Make that tearful visit to Memorial Stadium and try to find that seat where, on a Sunday afternoon many years ago, I saw Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris slaughter the Orioles.

* Ask my City Council person why all that scaffolding continues to cover the city Department of Education headquarters at North Avenue and Calvert Street.

* Call the Water Department and find out why all the streets in Charles Village are a minefield of pipes and metal plates.

* Get around to visiting North Point State Park, better known as Black Marsh, in eastern Baltimore County. It's on the site of the old Bay Shore Park.

* Spend some time examining the window displays (vintage appliances, gas lights and neon sign) at the Baltimore Gas and Electric Co.'s Lexington and Liberty streets building.

* Figure out how to enter the layers of buildings called Towsontown Centre.

* Taste-test the peach cake at half a dozen family-owned and operated local bakeries.

* Go to Baker and Gilmor streets and shed a tear for the demolished St. Gregory the Great Church. The stone tower and walls were bulldozed this month. The congregation still worships in the old church hall, but this building was once of the landmarks of Sandtown-Winchester.

* Visit the new Lacrosse Hall of Fame on the Johns Hopkins campus.

* Inspect the tree stump fire site near Granite.

* One of these days, get to the dolphin show at the aquarium's new Marine Mammal Pavilion.

* Make a tour of all the Ritchie Highway restaurants that locals know are good, but outsiders are afraid to enter.

* Manage to get caught in an Interstate 95 traffic jam near Caton Avenue. Or, maybe wait until 1992 when the new ballpark opens.

* Spend an evening at an East Baltimore church carnival.

* Locate and visit the Amoss water mill in Harford County.

* Make my own tomato ketchup.

* Take a moonlight buffet cruise around Fort Carroll.

* Find a place where a proper chocolate ice cream soda is concocted and served in a real glass, not a plastic cup.

* Discover a decent slice of pizza in Baltimore, then find a shop that makes a submarine sandwich on a non-soggy roll. I may have to go to Philadelphia for this.

* Get my back yard zinnia seeds planted before the first frost.

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