57 Maryland artists receive awards


The Maryland Arts Council has presented 57 awards to Maryland artists in the areas of choreography, crafts, fiction, media, music composition, new genres, photography, playwrighting, poetry and visual arts.

The 1991 Individual Artist Awards range from $2,500 to $6,000. Ten different juries representing the range of artistic disciplines reviewed 865 applications.

The Individual Artist Awards recognize exceptional work and artistic excellence in each field, according to James Backas, executive director of Maryland State Arts Council. The awards are determined on the basis of merit and are intended to further the professional development of the state's cultural community.

On July 9 at the Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts in Annapolis the 57 selected artists will be honored at a special reception.

The recipients of the top awards are as follows:

* Choreography: Nancy Wanich-Romita, Baltimore City, $3,500.

* Crafts: Angela Franklin, Baltimore City, $3,000.

* Fiction: Richard I. Alpert, Frederick County, $2,900.

* Media: Chris Mosner, Baltimore City, $3,500.

* Music composition: Gordon Cyr, Baltimore City, $3,250; Robert Hall Lewis, Baltimore County, $3,250.

* New genres: Nancy Andrews, Baltimore City, $3,000; Joseph Lewis, Baltimore City, $3,000; Randi Reiss-McCormack, Baltimore City, $3,000; and David Quentin Sheldon, Montgomery County, $3,000.

* Photography: Jeff Gates, Baltimore City, $3,000; Edward Matalon, Baltimore City, $3,000; Tom Nyerges, Montgomery County, $3,000; Christopher A. Peregoy, Anne Arundel County, $3,000; John Radcliffe, Baltimore City, $3,000.

* Playwrighting: Christopher Grabill, Baltimore City, $3,000; Thomas F. Monteleone, Baltimore City, $3,000; Shell Fernando Stokes, Baltimore City, $3,000;

Poetry: Toi Derricotte, Montgomery County, $3,500.

Visual arts: Charma Edmonds, Montgomery County, $6,000; Tom Miller, Baltimore City, $6,000; Howie Lee Weiss, Baltimore City, $6,000.

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