Cover Girl competitionListening to your Mom really...


Cover Girl competition

Listening to your Mom really can pay off: As a finalist in the High School Cover Girl contest sponsored by Cover Girl cosmetics and YM magazine, 18-year-old Karen McGuire of Baltimore won a free trip to New York this week.

And it was her mother's idea to enter.

She -- and the other Maryland finalist, Cheronda Kilpatrick of Temple Hills -- was chosen out of thousands of pretty faces to compete to be the cover girl of the November issue of YM magazine.

Ms. McGuire plans to attend Catonsville Community College thifall, while 16-year-old Ms. Kilpatrick is a rising senior at the National Christian Academy. Both are in New York this week with the other eight finalists being feted -- and photographed -- as part of the contest.

When at last on Wednesday the winner was announced, MelissBillingsly, a ninth grader from Fairview, Texas, won the first-place honors -- along with a $5,000 modeling contract from Cover Girl. It has come to this: A Chicago law firm has banned spandex from its hallowed offices. No, not stretchy underwear. Just skin-tight dresses, jumpsuits or such that might, ah, be distracting.

A couple of weeks ago, high school officials in Lockport, Ill., did the same thing. When it comes to schools, though, you can usually expect a ban or two, especially in the springtime when the blood starts surging and kids are likely to get a little more frisky or fashiony.

But maybe the spandex ban in the office shouldn't come as too much of a surprise after what we've been seeing on the streets during the past few unusually warm weeks. Sweet young things wearing tight, tight things. Bicycle shorts. Jackets with black or printed leggings or tights that reveal nearly every contour of the body. Spandex dresses and skirts so second-skin and so short we'd get nasty letters and scolding phone calls if we showed them in the paper.

Fun fashion when they're on young things with lithe bodies.


Kind of embarrassing when they're not. --Chicago Tribune

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