From: Pat Wolfe


I attended the public meeting at Glenelg High School on June 5. Iwas shocked to find developers and farmers with potential development interests serving on the Residential Land Use Study Commission.

This council-appointed commission was charged with the task of exploring further forms of development of rural Western Howard County. The County Council surely could have found citizens in western Howard County with less bias than the current panel to perform this most important task. Conflict of interest is obvious.

The presentation and presenter, Mr. Ted Mariani, insulted the intelligence of most of the people present!

How dare you, Mr. Mariani, suggest that Western Howard County will look like a lovely English countryside when developed with cluster housing! Will you be living here then?

There has beena lack of information and time to allow county citizens to respond to the recommendations from the Land Use Commission. The vast majorityof the audience present at the June 5 meeting did not favor cluster housing in any form.

Unfortunately, the commission was not listening! I believe more public hearings are needed, and our elected officials should be required to be present and to listen carefully to the voters of Howard County.

I strongly believe the citizens of the entire county deserve a much more accurate, precise and varied recommendation for future development of Western Howard County.

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