Fancy new lipsticks a smudge too expensive


The beauty hounds at Self magazine have sniffed out this lipstick dirt. They have discovered why the price of lipstick has increased so much.

Elizabeth Arden lipstick went from $6.50 to $12 over the last 10 years because the formula has been upgraded and there's a nifty new signature gold metal case.

Chanel went from $8 to $17.50 because of added moisturizers, improvement in the lipstick's "swivel" factor and a new scratchproof lacquer case. We wonder how much the lipstick would be with an old-fashioned scratchable case.

Our personal favorite is Christian Dior. The price went from $6.50 to $15.50 and the consumer gets moisturizers, longer lasting color and a case designed to close with a "Mercedes-Benz click." Maybe the model that closes with the "Yugo thud" still sells for the 1981 price.

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