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The jeans trend turns


Designer David McKay is the kind of guy who believes there's no such thing as a bad trend. We can't say we agree with that sort of thinking crinoline-boosted pouf skirts immediately come to mind but we figure that if a questionable trend is in the works we might as well let folks know who's responsible.

McKay is the gentleman who brought us the garbage bag dress. His haute Hefty style was designed to remind people there is beauty in everything. While his ideals were high-minded, his fashion sense obviously needed a reality check.

Now McKay has gone "bottoms up" ripped jeans on the bottom topped by a pair of inverted jeans. Basically, your head pokes through a hole in the crotch.

McKay says he's "trying to make a statement to do something creative with the clothes you already own." He figures teen-agers are the most likely to wear their jeans on their head and he'd like to be known as the guy who got the trend off the ground.

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