A committee working on ways to improve communication between the County Council and the Board of Education will wrap up its work soon.

The committee, proposed by the council in April, also is looking at ways to spend school money more efficiently. Members will write a report for the committee's final meeting July 9.

At its meeting yesterday, members said the school board and council should meet every few months to review the school budget and discuss other issues. They recommended monthly meetings between County Executive Robert R. Neall and School Superintendent Larry L. Lorton.

"Communication is a big part of our problem," said Councilwoman Maureen Lamb, D-Annapolis, who chairs the committee.

The group, known as the Board of Education-County Council Ad Hoc Committee on the Education Budget, also reviewed state law and the County Charter to see how much authority the council has over the school board's budget.

Tensions between council and school board members have been high in recent months. Last month, the council voted to withhold money for North County High School until the board agreed to consider juggling school boundary lines as an alternative to new school construction.

Ata meeting last week called by Neall, county and school officials appeared more conciliatory, but made no final decisions. Neall has called another joint summit for Monday.

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