Shriver is back with Navratilova Wimbledon notebook


WIMBLEDON, England -- The one-time hit show of Martina Navratilova and Pam Shriver is back playing the big time, but according to Shriver, some of the critics might not be as favorably impressed this time around.

The Navratilova-Shriver doubles team was probably the best ever in women's tennis, winning at Wimbledon from 1981-84 and again in 1986. They won five in a row at the French, '84-'88; won the U.S. Open in '83 and '84, then again in '86 and '87, and were unbeatable in the Australian Open, winning from '82 to '89.

But after 1989, they went their separate ways -- call it a personality conflict -- and have only recently reunited. They are seeded eighth here, and Shriver implied yesterday that it was a fair seeding.

"We haven't been great together so far," said the Lutherville native. "It's a funny thing. Once the chemistry is broken, it is hard to get it back again. It sure isn't what it used to be, but we'll see."

* NO REFUNDS: Since Wimbledon tennis began in 1877, there had been only 25 days lost totally to rain. Yesterday was the 26th.

There are no ticket refunds. If it rains on the day that you have your tickets, you are out of luck. One woman said she had traveled for 4 1/2 hours by train from Liverpool with her daughter. They had tickets for Court 1, hoping to see Ivan Lendl. It would have been their first Wimbledon.

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